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Jorge Rosenblut

City : Miami Beach

Country : US

Professional experience:
Throughout the course of an accomplished career as an executive leader in private industry and government, Mr. Jorge Rosenblut has developed and executed strategies with a global impact. He has been a trusted advisor to leading international and regional firms and nonprofits, and currently leverages his knowledge of Disruption and Business Transformation throughout the Americas to help organizations realize their full potential. From 2000 to 2015, Mr. Rosenblut held Chairman of the Board roles within global energy leader Enel Group, previously Endesa–Spain, starting with Chilectra S.A., the company’s Latin American electricity distribution arm, then Endesa S.A. in 2010, the Latin American electricity generation arm of the international group, and in 2014, Enersis S.A., then, the parent company for Enel Group’s Latin American operations. Mr. Rosenblut has also held leadership and advisory roles with international corporate entities in the telecommunications, retail, financial services, and logistics sectors. Prior to joining the ranks of corporate executives, Mr. Rosenblut held leadership roles in the Chilean government. He joined, in 1990, as Chile’s Director of Inter-Department Coordination, and in 1994 was elevated to Undersecretary of Telecommunications, reporting directly to Chilean President Eduardo Frei. He was promoted in 1995 to Undersecretary of the Presidency, advising on government strategy and executing major initiatives, policies, and projects on behalf of the Administration. After receiving his Master’s degree in Public Administration from the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University in 1985, Mr. Rosenblut was selected for the highly competitive Young Professionals Program at the World Bank in Washington, DC. He sits on the Board of the Institute of the Americas (UC San Diego), is a member of The Group of Fifty (G50 - Washington, D.C.), and is on the President’s Council of 100 at Florida International University (Miami, FL). Mr. Rosenblut is based in Miami Beach, Florida, and is the proud parent of daughter who lives and works in New York City, and a son who is studying for his bachelor’s degree at Washington University in Saint Louis, Missouri.
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