Adaptive Leadership: Staying Alive through the Dangers of Change

For the first time ever, Ron Heifetz is offering a five day advanced leadership retreat: Adaptive Leadership: Staying Alive through the Dangers of Change. This five day immersive experience is designed for leadership practitioners to gain more personal freedom to see and seize new options for action. In this workshop, we aim to refine our understanding of leadership practice and explore how self-knowledge and self-discipline form the foundation for staying alive in leadership. Building particularly upon the recent versions of the January leadership course at the Kennedy School, the workshop has three parts: (1) the sources and forms of danger in leadership; (2) diagnostic, strategic, and tactical responses to these dangers; and (3) the personal capacities to lead and stay alive, not only in your job, but in the heart and spirit of your work.

The small seminar environment will allow each participant to get feedback and coaching to sharpen diagnostic skills, help clarify what gets in the way of taking context-effective action, explore ways to renegotiate key loyalties to find better options, and achieve a non-defensive response to attack. We hope this will provide a profound learning experience.

Structured daily into full and small group discussions, private and public coaching, readings and reflection time, the course will draw on each person’s successes and failures to achieve a transformative personal experience. The intent is generate more options for diagnosis and action in the daily professional practice of leadership. 

Instructor: Ronald Heifetz

Course Coaches: Mariam Chughtai, Mitzi Johnson, Kirsti Samuels, Brendan O’Day

The retreat will require a $5000 contribution per participant (plus your food and accommodation costs) to support the work of the Adaptive Leadership Network. Professor Heifetz is donating his time; he is committed to support the members of the Network as we tackle the major challenges facing our world. 

The retreat is open to members of the ALN who have undertaken a full term AL course or an intensive adaptive leadership executive education program. This is not an introductory course and is only open to advanced practitioners. If you are not sure whether you qualify please email us at

Places are limited and we encourage you to sign up as soon as possible. If your plans change, you will be refunded 80% of the registration fee if you notify us at least 4 weeks prior to the event. If you cancel after this time period no refunds will be issued. However, you may send a substitute with appropriate qualifications. 

Please note that prices will go up after June 1st and again after June 30th.

Early-bird rate: $4500 (before 1 June 2018)
Late-bird rate: $5500 (after June 30th)


If you would like to attend the Advanced Retreat you must first apply to become a Member of the Adaptive Leadership Network here! If you are already a member please log-in to purchase a ticket.