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Will the human species survive the 21st century? I ponder about the stark facts, the large global challenges that threaten our existence, a view shared by Stephen Hawking, the British theoretical physicist, cosmologist and author. Will our treasured children and precious grandchildren have a planet to live on?

At a more grounded level, I am inspired by the human capacity for change and development as history has demonstrated coupled with the human capability to effect change in the lives of others. Many of your leaders and citizens globally in all sectors of societies are seeking a new way of being in the world, the current status quo is not working. We are seeking answers outside of ourselves, yet we have the capacity, as Nelson Mandela showed the world, to develop all 7 quotients of intelligence to become the best version of ourselves, to transform from within. As we know from our adaptive leadership training, no human being is an island. We need to adapt within a system or numerous systems. What this work does is to awaken, develop and master our capacities or 7 quotients of intelligence as Mandela did, to lead self, to lead together and to lead change in the world.

I am a conscious, committed, global citizen who is passionate about pioneering change in the world to create an empowered sense of our 'oneness' for a higher purpose and a greater good. I believe in the power and glory of the human spirit. I admire the ability to overcome and create greatness beyond adversity and to recognise and applaud that it is often our greatest adversity that ignites our passion and becomes our greatest teacher.

My passion is inspired by tipping points in my own life. I am humbled and privileged to have personally met the former President Nelson Mandela, who inspired me greatly to do my own inner work on these 7 quotients of intelligence, and who touched my life in an indelible and life changing way. Professionally I have run one of South Africa’s top globally aligned executive search companies, placing many of our country’s top leaders as well as leaders in Africa and working internationally. Amongst many top positions, we placed the Chief Executive Officer of the Nelson Mandela Foundation. As Mandela said in the later years of his life, "It's in our hands". To whom much is given, much is expected. “I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul”. We all have an inner Mandela.

I am developing, piloting and implementing a 3-day intensive edutainment experience, to grasp what these 7 quotients of intelligence are and how we can develop them in our daily living. Subsequent modules in each quotient with a community support network like the ALN can and will intensify and cement the learning. In this process we will share the South African and global experience and context over the course of Mandela's life. My goal is for this work to be shared the world over.
As an actively engaged, curious and concerned South African, I have lived the transition and the Mandela magic. From a young age I experienced an oppressive apartheid system, a liberation movement, Mandela's release, the global and South African elation of his Presidency and his post presidency relentless humanitarian work.

Personally, I am from a multicultural ethnic background, I have travelled extensively across the globe. I have learned much from humble people the world over at the University of Life. I am an active sportswoman and dancer. I climb mountains to focus my dreams, to reflect on life at the top of the mountain, as defined my MLK as “the thinnest layer between heaven and earth”. I am a lover of people and of life itself. I believe in the gift of humanity, our humanity and this world.

I marvel at the gift of adversity, the power of forgiveness, the smartness of directing our emotions with positive intent. I am inspired by Mandela’s example, his 7 quotients of intelligence. I am hopeful that we can all awaken our inner Mandela, develop the leadership capacity we all have, to achieve what seems impossible, until it is done.

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Anne Pratt

City : Boston

Country : US

I am passionate about:
I am passionate about sharing with the world a new paradigm of 21st century leadership, enabling people to “awaken their inner Mandela” and share with leaders the 7 quotients of intelligence that Mandela developed in his life and which culminated in him being one of the greatest leaders of all time. A leader who rose to adaptive challenges, mitigated the risks and dangers, anchored himself in daily physical, social, emotional, and spiritual practices, transformed a nation and helped leaders all over the world with similar adaptive challenges. Many of us have adaptive challenges in our personal and professional lives. We can all awaken, develop and master our inner Mandela - 7 quotients of intelligence to effect positive change in our own lives, and those of our communities, our country and our world. We learn from Mandela the "what" and the "how". My Harvard fellowships in 2017 and 2018 are dedicated to a Mandela initiative to celebrate the 100th anniversary of his birth in 2018 and Mandela’s gift to the world. I am writing a book provisionally titled “Awaken your inner Mandela”. The book will define the 7 quotients of intelligence and will take you on a journey of Mandela’ life, and ‘how’ he developed these 7 quotients of intelligence by highlighting source documents from the Nelson Mandela Foundation, relating vivid anecdotes and stories, and sharing tools and techniques Mandela used in his daily life.
Professional experience:
Anne Pratt is a multi-awarded business woman and was Managing Executive of one of South Africa’s leading executive search companies, Memela Pratt & Associates, with global alliances. She has worked extensively with Boards, Ministers and Executive management to identify, assess and place high quality, high integrity and competent leaders for the private, public and not for profit sectors. Ms Pratt was selected for the 2017 Harvard Advanced Leadership Initiative as one of Harvard’s accomplished 45 leaders globally. Her Harvard fellowship is designed to teach the world a new leadership paradigm based on the leadership lessons of Nelson Mandela. She has been awarded a Harvard 2018 fellowship to execute her Mandela leadership work. Ms Pratt is a member of the International Women’s Forum advancing women’s leadership across careers, cultures and continents by connecting the world’s most preeminent women of significant and diverse achievement. She has been a long- standing member of the Black Management forum, the Business Women’s Association, the Institute of Directors and participates regularly in leading business school panel discussions, guest lectures and at leading conferences. In 2015 Ms Pratt won the SA, the SADC and the Africa CEO award for the Most Influential Women in Business and Government: Business and Professional Services Award. In 2014 and in 2010 she won this same award for SA. Anne Pratt began her career in consumer marketing with Lever Brothers, Unilever, as part of its graduate recruitment program. During this time, she also lectured at Natal University, Durban, in Consumer Psychology. She joined major international advertising agency McCann Advertising where she was Client Service Director of the retail agency. Following her MBA, Ms Pratt was Marketing Executive and sat on the Management Board of one of the Altron companies, a major JSE listed company.
I can thought partner on the following topics:
21st century leadership development, "awaken your inner Mandela", global leadership and global citizenship for institutions in business community, the private sector, the public sector, the not for profit sectors, as well as ordinary citizens of the world. Personal transformation, team building and strategy.
My Adaptive Leadership studies
I began my adaptive leadership studies in 2018
I studied with Ron Heifetz
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