Ron Heifetz on the Getting to Yes, And… Podcast

Ron Heifetz was recently a guest on the “Getting to Yes, And…” podcast, hosted by Kelly Leonard and produced by The Second City. The podcast interviews visionaries, authors, and leaders who work at the intersection of creativity and other fields. Kelly and Ron discussed the relationship between leadership and improvisation, our current political moment, and the importance of trust. 

Practitioners of adaptive leadership will appreciate the links drawn during the podcast between improvisational theatre and the practice of leadership. Throughout, Ron Heifetz emphasizes that leadership is an improvisational art, as leaders have to “reassess moment after moment where [they] are, and take corrective action.”

Ron discusses with great candour the leadership challenges facing our political leadership today, and the need for constituents to understand that their representatives are constantly improvising. He points out that “in a changing world you don’t have permanent solutions.”  Also emphasized is the need for citizens to “do the work” alongside their representatives, by both being willing to adapt to change and engaging with opinions different from their own.  

You can stream the podcast through WGN Radio here, or on iTunes here

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