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This is a community created listing of events hosted or supported by our Members.

  • Member Hosted: Monthly Adaptive Leadership Dinner in NYC

    Happy 2019. It is hard to believe that we are entering our 4th year of monthly dinners with the Adaptive Leadership group here in NYC. We are incredibly grateful for all members who have been so generous in presenting cases, opening up your apartments & workplaces to host, and engaging in thought-provoking conversations. Here's to another great year, where we look forward to seeing both old and new faces at our dinners.

  • WED JAN 15 – SUN JAN 19, 2020
    A 5-day Residential Group Relations Conference conducted in the Tavistock tradition, sponsored by the Boston Center for the Study of Groups and Social Systems


    Visit for more information and conference details.

    Dear ALN Community & Friends of The Boston Center for the Study of Groups and Social Systems,
    I am pleased to announce this year's annual January 5-day residential group relations conference conducted in the Tavistock Tradition sponsored by CSGSS, Authority, Leadership & Intersectionality: Creativity@Work.
    In this time of rapid change organizations must constantly innovate and experiment, creating new sources of anxiety. To thrive, organizations must recognize complex and intersecting social identities, and endeavor to leverage them to discover new pathways to progress. Yet understanding the impact of social identities on authority and leadership is elusive. 
    This conference explores two primary layers of organizational life – one that we see and know, and another that is hidden, out of awareness yet influencing much of our activity. These dynamics deeply influence how leadership is exercised, how roles are mobilized, how differences interact with work, and how decisions are made.
    Examining under the surface dynamics and learning how they shape organizational life can lead to discovering uncharted possibility and can reveal buried challenges. Yet the opportunity to examine the nature of organizational life, what we import into it and our collective influence on it, is rare or non-existent. This conference is your opportunity to creatively explore that work.
    The Conference Staff and I, look forward to seeing you there.
    Candice A. Crawford-Zakian, Psy.D.
    CSGSS Residential Conference Director


    Authority, Leadership & Intersectionality: Creativity @ Work
    is a 5-day residential group relations conference in the Tavistock tradition, designed to help participants learn first-hand about unconscious activity in social systems and its impact on organizational life.


    Candice A. Crawford-Zakian, Psy.D.
    Monique Hoeflinger, M.A., J.D.
    Nyacko Pearl Perry, M.S.
    Aarti Kapoor, LL.B, LL.M, M.A.
    Candice A. Crawford-Zakian, Psy.D.
    Dannielle Kennedy, Ph.D., LICSW
    Jan Willemoes, M.S.
    Matthew H Tye, Ph.D.
    Sheri-Ann Cowie, Ph.D.
    Yaro Fong-Olivares, M.S.
    Zachary Gabriel Green, Ph.D.
    Early Bird Discount before Nov 30th!
    Reserve your spot early. Limited spots available. Register before Nov 30th for up to $1000 off standard conference fees. REGISTER
    Fee Reductions Available
    If you are interested but the cost prohibits your attendance, please write to discuss and identify a fee that is mutually feasible. CSGSS is a non-profit organization and we work hard to make conferences available to anyone interested regardless of their current financial circumstances. ‌ ‌INQUIRE ‌