Past Events

2017 Conference

Our 2017 conference piloted a new location - Washington DC! With 260 attendees, 60 speakers, 30 volunteers and 18 countries represented it was our most successful conference yet! Speakers included Farayi Chipungu, Mayor Joseph Curtatone, David Gergen, Governor Jennifer Granholm, Ron Heifetz, Mitzi Johnson, Kim Leary, David Lewis, Frank Micchiche, Dan Mulhern, Tim O'Brien, Nuala O'Connor, Hugh O'Doherty, Richard Pascale, Tom Perez, Dean Williams.



2016 Conference

In 2016 we hosted our second conference, with over 200 attendees, with discussions diving into the adaptive challenges in today's world, practical skills-building workshops, sessions to take your practice to the next level, peer panels, small group case consultations, and more. We developed strong tracks for overpractitioners, consultants, educators and researchers. Participants included leadership professors Ronald Heifetz, Marty Linsky, Dean Williams, Hugh O'Doherty, Tim O'Brien, and distinguished practioners such as Greece's fromer Prime Minister George Papandreou and Jamil Mahuad, former President of Ecuador.


2015 Conference

The Adaptive Leadership network was founded in 2015 to to strengthen its members’ leadership capacity to meet the adaptive opportunities and challenges facing organizations and societies around the world. Our inaugural conference was a resounding success with at-capacity attendance and a waiting list of more than 200 people. Practitioners, educators and consultants traveled from more than 20 countries to participate.



Advanced Intensive Workshop

If our past conferences and online opportunities have helped leadership practitioners reconnect and reground in the framework, we wondered what it would be like to dig in deeper and explore a new level of teaching and learning with people who’ve been putting the core concepts to work in their own practice of leadership for years. Ron Heifetz generously agreed to build a new five-day intensive training, and 18 members came to Cambridge this August to participate.

The evaluations were overwhelmingly positive and we’re exploring how to build on this for members who want to do this kind of deep dive together next year.

Sex and Power: A Workshop in the Here and Now

In October, 40 brave souls dove in head first for two days of an immersive learning opportunity focused on sex, power, leadership and authority. We undertook two experiments with this event. First, we chose to dig in on one particular issue through the lens of Adaptive Leadership. Second, we explored partnering with experienced facilitators to use the Group Relations model to use experiential learning rather than a traditional conference with panels and workshops.

Much like the case-in-point classroom experience, it was a challenging, and at times frustrating, experience, but participants told us they left with some powerful new insights on how sex and power play out in their own leadership work. While we may not use this exact model again, we learned that network members are eager to dig in on specific topics and that you’re game for more challenging, experiential learning. We’re carrying those lessons into planning for the conference and other events this year. Be sure to click on the sub-header to see our Sex and Power gallery.

Train the Trainer Workshop

We want to see Adaptive Leadership put to work tackling the world’s problems by more and more people, and that means we need more capable trainers. In November, Kirsti Samuels, Michael Koehler, Candice Crawford-Zakian, and Marty Linsky worked with a full-capacity group of 20 at a two-day session to learn strategies for effectively teaching an introduction to the framework. Participants got hands-on experience leading a session for the group and getting feedback on their teaching style.

The folks in the room told us it was an invaluable experience for their professional development, and we’re looking forward to developing this and other programs for teachers, trainers and consultants working with Adaptive Leadership in 2019. Be sure to click on the sub-header to see our Train the Trainer gallery.