Headlining speakers for the 2017 conference

See below for introductions for our 2017 headlining Adaptive Leadership Conference speakers.


Farayi Chipungu


Farayi Chipungu teaches Exercising Leadership: The Politics of Change at the Harvard Kennedy School. Before joining the Kennedy School faculty, she worked as a strategy consultant with McKinsey & Company. 

Tamar Chugoshvili


Tamar Chugoshvili is the First Deputy Chairperson of the Parliament of Georgia, head of the Gender Equality Council of the Parliament, and Chair of the US Caucus at Parliament of Georgia.

Mayor Joseph Curtatone


Joseph Curtatone is in his sixth term as mayor of Somerville, MA. Mayor Curtatone’s key initiatives include the Shape Up Somerville initiative, comprehensive reform of the Somerville Police Department, and a citywide commitment to data-driven performance management.

Ali Imad Fadlallah


Ali Imad Fadlallah Dr. Ali Imad Fadlallah is an artist and social entrepreneur. Ali runs Rima Records, a social enterprise based in Los Angeles, CA that provides artist management and change management services across Film, Arts, Music, and Education (FAME).

David Gergen


David Gergen is a senior political analyst for CNN and has served as an adviser to four U.S. presidents. He is a professor of public service and co-director of the Center for Public Leadership at the Harvard Kennedy School.

Governor Jennifer Granholm


Jennifer Granholm is a two-term governor of Michigan (2003-2011) and is credited with leading Michigan though a period of unprecedented economic challenge and change.

Ron Heifetz


Ron Heifetz is the King Hussein bin Talal Senior Lecturer in Public Leadership at the Harvard Kennedy School, and the Founding Director of its Center for Public Leadership.

Mitzi Johnson

Mitzi Johnson is the Speaker of the House, Vermont Legislature. She is the 91st Speaker and third female Speaker of the House.

Kim Leary


Kimberlyn Leary is a professor of psychology at the Harvard Medical School and directs the Enabling Change program at the  School of Public Health. In 2015 she served as  Advisor to the White House Council on Women.

David Lewis


David Lewis is an award winning filmmaker, journalist & storyteller. He has been a CNN correspondent, a news-magazine producer, a commercial director and an independent film director. 

Frank Micciche


Frank Micciche is NCQA's Vice President of Public Policy and Communications. In this position, he directs NCQA’s relations with Congress, federal agencies and the states, as well as NCQA’s work with the media and other external audiences.

Dan Mulhern


Dan Mulhern teaches leadership, organizational behavior and public policy at the Schools of Business and Law at the University of California. He is the author of Everyday Leadership: Getting Results in Business Politics and Life. 


Tim O'Brien


Tim O'Brien teaches Exercising Leadership: The Politics of Change at the Harvard Kennedy School. He is a faculty member at HGSE's Instructional Rounds Institute and a leadership consultant for INSEAD.

Nuala O'Connor


Nuala O'connor is the President & CEO at the Center for Democracy & Technology. Previously, from 2003-2005, she served as First Chief Privacy Officer for the US Department of Homeland Security

Hugh O'Doherty


Hugh O'Doherty has taught leadership and conflict resolution at the Jepson School of Leadership Studies, the University of Maryland, and the John F Kennedy School of Government. 

Richard Pascale


Richard Pascale is an Associate Fellow within the Division of Executive Education, Said Business School, Oxford University, and author of numerous articles and four books including best-selling The Art of Japanese Management and most recently, The Power of Positive Deviance.

Tom Perez


Tom Perez has served as the Chair of the Democratic National Committee since February 2017. He was the Secretary of Labor from 2013 to 2017.

Kirsti Samuels


Kirsti Samuels works with leadership teams, ranging from Prime Ministers and CEOs, to armed rebel groups to solve complex challenges. She has worked in Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia and Sudan and throughout America. 

Maurizio Travaglini


Maurizio Travaglini practices as a consultant within the blurred boundaries of innovation, change, learning and collaboration. In that same ‘space’ he also runs leadership development programs for academic institutions.

Dean Williams


Dean Williams is the author of Leadership for a Fractured World and Real Leadership and teaches at Harvard Kennedy School. He has led major change processes and leadership development initiatives for companies and governments around the world.