Teaching Leadership without Easy Answers

How to design and deliver an introductory Adaptive Leadership workshop: Are you eager to share your understanding of the Adaptive Leadership framework with colleagues and clients? Would you like to design and run an effective introductory adaptive leadership workshop? This two day workshop on how to run a 2 day introductory workshop has been designed to help you develop the skills and experience to create a successful workshop intervention. 


This workshop is for you if:

  • You have tried to run an Adaptive Leadership workshop and found it challenging.
  • You aren’t sure how to bridge the gap between experiencing an Adaptive Leadership course, and delivering an effective short Adaptive Leadership Workshop.
  • You are uncertain which concepts to prioritize and how much “case-in-point” work to incorporate.
  • You know you could do with more practice teaching the core concepts, and want feedback.
  • You aren’t sure if your “case-in-point” interventions are effective


This workshop is for you if:

  • You have deep experience in the Adaptive Leadership framework (you took a semester long or week long intensive course in Adaptive Leadership, and the concepts are still fresh for you).
  • You are an experienced workshop facilitator or trainer (even if not in Adaptive Leadership)
  • You are interested in teaching or facilitating Adaptive Leadership
  • Previous experience as a Teaching Assistant would be helpful but is not essential


You will get out of the workshop:

  • Guidance on how to design and run an Adaptive Leadership workshop, including managing the client’s authorizing environment
  • One sample agenda for an introductory Adaptive Leadership workshop
  • Teaching practice and constructive feedback on your teaching a concept from the framework
  • Practice in making effective “case-in-point” interventions - that are generative and not too risky at the same time,
  • Guidelines and principles for how to use the Peer Consultation Method
  • Guidance on how to debrief a case consultation
  • Additional resources for building up your practice


The facilitator team will include Micheal Koehler, Kirsti Samuels, and Candice Crawford.


The workshop will take place in New York City on the 9th - 10th of of November 2018. 

The workshop will require a $2000 (or early bird/late bird) contribution per participant, plus food and accommodation costs. The funds will go to support the work of the Adaptive Leadership Network. The facilitation team is donating its time. 

The workshop is open to members of the Adaptive Leadership Network who have undertaken a full term adaptive leadership course or a week long full time executive course. This is not an introductory course. If you are not sure whether you qualify please email us at hello@adaptive-leadership.net.

Places are limited and we encourage you to sign up as soon as possible. If your plans change, you will be refunded 80% of the registration fee if you notify us at least 4 weeks prior to the event at hello@adaptive-leadership.net. If you cancel after this time period no refunds will be issued. However, you may send a substitute with appropriate qualifications.

The early early bird rate is $1600 (prior to 30th April 2018)
The early bird rate is $1800 (prior to 30th June 2018)
Standard rate is $2000 (prior to 31st August 2018)
Late bird rate is $2400 (after August 31st 2018)

If you wish to pay by installments, please use this link.

  • November 09, 2018 at 9am – November 10, 2018
  • New York City - Venue TBD


If you would like to attend the Advanced Retreat you must first apply to become a Member of the Adaptive Leadership Network here! If you are already a member please log-in to purchase a ticket.